Ever wondered what the difference is between all those sport bra types? When shopping for a new sports bra, the choices can seem endless. Do you go for low, medium or high impact? Underwire or wire-free? Racerback or T-shirt style? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. As an active woman, finding the right sports bra for your needs is critical. The level of impact refers to how much support you need for your activity. 

Whether you’re into yoga, running, HIIT training or playing competitive sports, choosing the proper level of impact and support will make all the difference in your performance and how comfortable you feel. In this article, we break down the differences between low, medium and high impact sports bras and types of sport bras, so you can make the best choice for your favourite workout.

Types of Sport Bras

High Impact Sports Bras

Below we have discussed different types of sport bras:

What is Low Impact Sports Bra: For Light Exercise and Everyday Use

Low impact sports bra are perfect for everyday wear and lighter workouts like walking, yoga, or strength training. These bras offer lightweight support and compression to keep the girls in place during basic movement but aren’t meant for intense cardio or high impact exercise.

Comfort is critical here - low impact bras are usually wire-free, adjustable, and made of breathable fabrics like cotton. They’re meant to feel like a second skin, providing coverage and control without squeezing too tight. A low-impact style is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an everyday bra to lounge or run errands in.

For most women, low impact bras will work for cup sizes A through C. Larger cup sizes may need extra support for daily movement and light activity. If you’re well-endowed, you can size up in a low impact bra or look for styles specifically designed for larger busts. The most important thing is finding a bra that gives you the freedom and comfort to go about your day with confidence and support.

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What is a Medium Impact Sports Bra: For Moderate Workouts

Medium impact sports bras are also a types of sport bras which is designed for moderate workouts like spinning, jogging, or circuit training. They provide solid support and compression so the girls stay in place during cardio or bodyweight exercises.

For these bras, you'll want to be moulded, seamless cups and breathable, sweat-wicking fabrics like polyester or nylon. Racerback or T-back straps are also a good option since they won't dig into your shoulders during pushups or burpees.

With the right medium impact bra, you can jump, dance and flow through your workout without worry. Isn’t that a relief? Your motivation is the only thing holding you back from that spin class. Get out there and get moving!

Types of Sports Bras

What is a High Impact Sports Bra: Maximum Support for High-Intensity Training

Next, sport bra type is high impact sports bras designed for maximum support during high-intensity workouts like running, aerobics, and kickboxing. These bras typically have moulded cups, wide straps, and an elastic band around the bottom for stability.

Look for bras made of breathable yet durable materials that wick away moisture, like nylon and polyester. Racerback straps are also famous for high impact as they distribute weight and don’t slip off shoulders. For larger busts, look for bras designed explicitly for DD+ sizes to get your needed support. These bras may have thicker straps, wider bands, and sturdier overall construction to control movement during intense activity.

While maximum support is the priority, you still want a comfortable high impact sports bra. Ensure the band fits snugly but not too tight, the straps don’t dig in, and the bra allows you to move freely. Look for bras with padded or moulded cups and breathable mesh panels for comfort. With the right high impact sports bra, you can exercise as vigorously as you like without discomfort or distraction.

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In conclusion, the type of sport bras you choose depends entirely on your activity level and how much support you need. A low or medium-impact bra will do the trick for low-impact exercises like walking, yoga or weight training. These provide light to moderate support and allow for a free range of movement.

Opt for a high impact sports bra for high intensity workouts involving a lot of bouncing or quick lateral movements, like running, aerobics or tennis. These maximise compression and encapsulation to limit breast movement as much as possible. High-impact bras may feel more restrictive but are essential for preventing discomfort and potential damage to your chest tissue over time.

Wear a sports bra composed of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric like nylon or polyester to keep you feeling comfortable and dry, no matter what impact level you require. The straps should be adjustable for a bespoke fit, and the band should be snug but not oppressively so. With the correct sports bra, you may work out without restriction and concentrate on your activity rather than what's underneath your top.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between low, medium, and high impact sports bras?

The main difference lies in their level of support and compression. Low impact provides light support, medium impact offers moderate support, and high impact delivers maximum support during intense activities.

Can I wear a low impact sports bra for high impact activities?

It's not recommended. Low impact bras lack the support for high-intensity exercises, which may lead to discomfort and insufficient breast support.

Are medium impact sports bras suitable for running? 

For many individuals, medium impact sports bras are adequate for running. However, a high impact bra may offer better support for those with larger breasts or more intense running routines.

What activities are best suited for low impact sports bras?

Low impact sports bras are ideal for activities with minimal breast movement, such as yoga, pilates, walking, and weight training.

Can high impact sports bras be worn as everyday bras?

While possible, it's not recommended to wear high impact sports bras daily, as they are designed for intense workouts and may be more constrictive than regular bras. Opt for medium or low impact bras for everyday use and save high impact bras for rigorous exercise sessions.

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