At SEFI, we believe that activewear should be made with care for the planet and the people who make it. We strive to create high-quality products that are sustainable, ethical, and stylish. To achieve this, we carefully select our materials and work with a range of factories around the world, each with their own specialities and certifications. 
When choosing our factory partners, we take into account a variety of factors, including materials, price, labor practices, and environmental impact. We are committed to ensuring that everyone involved in the production of our garments is treated fairly and with respect. We believe that sustainability and ethics go hand in hand, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact throughout our supply chain. Our factories are oeko-tex certified, so no forbidden products are used in any of our products, and every component of the product, from the fabric to the thread and accessories, has been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals. Below you can find information about each of our factory locations and the certifications they hold.
Our factory in Turkey is responsible for producing our cotton/modal products, including our T-shirts, sweatshirts, joggers, and shorts. The facility meets all Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) requirements, which cover materials, manufacturing quality, labor, and working conditions. BSCI provides a system that helps companies improve conditions in their supply chain, ensuring no child labor and that fair wages are paid to the people manufacturing our products. They also hold certifications from GOTS, OEKO-TEX 100, GRS, SEDEX and WRAP.
Our factory in Portugal has a strong focus on sustainability, including not only the manufacturing process but also the regeneration processes. The new 360 plant takes pre-consumer waste from the factory and unsold garments, and mixes it with post-consumer waste to create renewable yarns, which saves water. The waste from the renewable process is then turned into paper. The building reduces air circulation and optimises power and water consumption, which are controlled by a smart electric panel that gives real-time energy use, allowing efficient control and optimisation.
The Portugal factory is accredited by various standards, including GOTS (organic textiles standard), Global Recycle Standard, OEKO-TEX, BSCI, and SEDEX, which covers working practices. SEDEX auditing ensures that our factories maintain high standards in health and safety, labor, environment, and business ethics.
Our factory in China prioritise sustainable and ethical practices. They have been audited by SEDEX ensuring that they maintain high standards in health and safety, labor, environment, and business ethics. They also hold certifications from GOTS, OEKO-TEX 100, BSCI, GRS, and WRAP, which ensure that our products are made with organic materials, reduce waste, and have safe and fair working conditions.


We are proud to say that our packaging is fully recycled and recyclable. Our timeless product range now features fully biodegradable swing tags made of seed paper. Simply plant the tag and watch the parsley sprout in your own garden.


At SEFI, we care deeply about the impact our products have on the environment and the people who produce them. We continue to work closely with our factory partners to ensure we maintain our high standards of sustainability and ethics.


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