Any kind of physical activity, whether or not it's exercise, requires a woman to support her breasts in order to provide the highest possible level of comfort, decrease the likelihood of experiencing pain, and shield her breasts from suffering damage over the long run. The primary impetus behind the production of a sports bra is found in this. 

A sports bra will prevent your breasts from moving around too much when you are working out. There are many different styles of exercise bras available. The amount of assistance that is required varies greatly depending on the occupation.

The Basics of Wearing a Sports Bra

Sports Bra

Before we talk about impact levels, you need to have a basic understanding of a sports bra. A sports bra is a type of bra that is used during physical activity to provide support and limit the movement of the breasts. Shoulder straps, chest bands, and breast cups are typically included in its construction. The use of moisture-wicking fabrics in sports bras helps to keep their wearers cool.

Before we get into the topic of a sports bra's influence, let's have a look at how it's put together and how it works. The cups of the bra serve to shield and encourage healthy growth of the breasts.

The snugness of the fit can be adjusted by wrapping a stretchable band across the chest. Shoulder straps offer an additional support mechanism for athletes during shoulder exercises. In addition, the cups of the bra conceal and support the wearer's breasts.

These sporting clothes are made of specialized fabrics that keep the wearer dry and comfortable while they are wearing them. In order to achieve the optimal level of support, the closures on sports bras might be either snaps, zippers, or pullovers. The effects of different types of sports bras can vary.

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What is a Low Impact Sports Bra?

A non-bouncing activity calls for the sports bra low impact. These bras provide a comfortable level of support and are ideal for low-impact activities such as walking, yoga, and Pilates. They are comfortable since the material that they are constructed of is stretchy, and they do not put too much strain on your body. 

In order to make it easier to move around, low impact sports bras have thinner straps and a more relaxed fit. They provide you with gentle support without restricting your mobility.

The Sefi shop carries a wide variety of sports bras designed for little impact:

  • The best colour for a cross-over bra is ultramarine.
  • Describe a bra with asymmetric straps that are ultramarine in colour.
  • This is the definition of the black cross-over bra.

The low impact supportive sports bras from SEFI are able to provide a moderate amount of support yet have a more relaxed fit overall.

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What is a Medium Impact Sports Bra?

Selecting a medium impact sports bra is recommended because activities such as hiking and cycling need significant bouncing and movement. These sports bras provide a higher level of support and tension than those designed for low-impact activities. In order to keep the breasts in place, the arm straps are typically made to be broader and more rigid. 

During your workout, you'll stay cool and dry thanks to the moisture-wicking materials that sports bras medium support is made of. They offer the optimal combination of assistance and convenience in one package.

It is possible that the SEFI store sells medium impact sports bras similar to these:

The Midnight High-Neck Bra by Sugar Silhouette, Featuring Their Signature Cutouts

The structured design of these medium impact sports bras and the moisture-wicking materials used to make them give the ideal blend of support and comfort for physical activity. The structure offers a satisfactory compromise between support and coziness in its design.

High Impact Sports Bras

What is High Impact Sports Bra?

Jogging and other high impact activities like aerobics and other regular exercises demand the use of a sports bra. During intense exercise, the most breast support can be found in sports bras designed for high-impact activities. They are constructed to have a low bounce and to provide protection for the breast tissue. 

For enhanced support, high impact sports bras feature broader shoulder straps, a more substantial band, and a generous amount of stretch. They frequently feature straps that can be adjusted, padding or cups that can be placed inside the bra, all of which can be worn for additional support and comfort.

SEFI offers the following options for women looking for high-performance sports bras:

  • Bra with a Smoked Pine Disco Pattern.
  • Both the Silhouette High Neck Bra in Midnight Black and the Disco Bra in Jet Black are available in black.

These high impact sports bras give support and defence thanks to their wide straps, sturdy bands, and outstanding elasticity.


It is essential to both your comfort and your breast health that you choose the appropriate sports bra for your activity. Choose a sports bra rated for medium impact if your workouts involve bouncing. A low impact sports bra is ideal for exercises that do not involve bouncing. During strenuous activities, high impact sports bras offer the most support possible and keep you from feeling uncomfortable. Investing in a quality sports bra is money well spent for any woman who leads an active lifestyle.



1. What is high impact sports bra designed for?

When participating in strenuous activities or activities that require jolting and jumping, it is important to wear a high-impact sports bra in order to support your breasts and prevent movement.

2. Can you explain what a low impact sports bra is?

Yoga, Pilates, and even just strolling can all benefit from wearing a low-impact sports bra because it does not restrict movement.

3. Are sports bras designed for low impact suitable for running?

The activity of running requires a lot of effort and energy. It can be challenging to take part. There is a possibility that sports bras designed for medium impact won't provide sufficient support to stop breast motion. Jogging requires the wearer to have a sports bra that is capable of withstanding a significant amount of movement.

4. Do you think that sports bras and athleisure wear go together?

A chic and cosy everyday look may be achieved with the help of sports bras, which combine elements of athletic and casual wear in a seamless manner.

5. Could SEFI assist me in locating a sports bra that is both comfortable and supportive?

The company offers a wide selection of bras that provide support. Choose the most suitable sports bra for you from our extensive inventory of options. We have solutions that may cater to your needs, whether you want solid support, pleasant cushioning, or fluid mobility in any direction.

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