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Full Length vs 7/8 Leggings

Sara (left) is 5'10 wearing the 7/8 and Jacqui (right) is 5'9 wearing full length. 
We are all unique in our height, size and how we like to wear our activewear. That's why SEFI has two lengths of leggings - to fit you in a way that makes you feel confident. 
Full length measures at 64cm inseam. 
7/8 length measures 58cm inseam. 
The leggings have been designed with flexibility in the material, so you can adjust the length to fit how you love.


Move With Me vs Timeless Leggings


Lauren (left) is wearing the Timeless leggings and Sara (right) is the Move With Me Ribbed leggings.

Whilst both leggings are designed for optimum movement and silhouette sculpting, there are key differences between the Timeless and Move With Me leggings. 

Timeless leggings are smooth and have higher compression than the Ribbed leggings, making them great for running or more HIIT style workouts. The waistband also has increased compression to help sculpt your waist and keep your leggings put, no matter what your movement. The Timeless leggings also have subtle contouring on the back, just below the waistband, to accentuate your curves.

Move With Me Ribbed Leggings are ribbed and offer that texture in the design, enhancing your shape. Due to that additional texture and how they mould to your body, they are great for yoga, pilates or just as your everyday go-to pair. 


Updated! The Move With Me Ribbed Bra...

The Move With Me Ribbed Bra has had an update! The straps of this bra have been altered to offer more support and a tighter fit. I hope you love it more than ever.