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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of creating a new collection? We asked founder, Stef, a few questions about the design and thought process of the latest Effortless Lingerie collection.

How did you decide on the three pieces in the collection? 
I wanted to create the ultimate lingerie capsule collection because lingerie is such a staple in our everyday wardrobe, yet I have found it so difficult to find pieces that I feel good in, that are seamless but that also make me feel supported.
So many of you, our SEFI girls, say that our activewear “feels like I’m not wearing anything”, so I wanted lingerie to be an extension of that - no restrictions, smoothing the body, comfortable and supportive. It was crucial that the g-string would be invisible under your gym leggings too and I'm so proud of the final product.

How did you decide on the colours?
Black is timeless. Ruby makes you feel sexy and there is just something about a red lingerie set that is so empowering. Aventurine allows you to wear light colours on top and it makes me feel pretty when I wear it! Lastly, Goldstone feels so SEFI - it's earthy & powerful. 

What was the goal with Effortless Lingerie? 
I wanted to get rid of that feeling of needing to whip your bar off because it’s so uncomfortable at the end of the day. With SEFI, you actually forget you’re even wearing one at all, whilst still having a stunning & flattering shape that will support you. The high-neck in the Effortless Racer Bra creates such elegance and is something a little different to your standard shape.
The ultimate goal was to create underwear you can rely on, and when you get a glimpse of yourself in it, you feel your power. 

What was the idea behind the backs of the bras?
The detail on both the Triangle Bra and Racer Bra adds to the intricacy of the design, and takes a classic shape and makes it more interesting and stylish. It is such a point of difference and moulds to your back to make you feel incredible. I also love styling any item I own, including lingerie, and showing off the back of these bras in your everyday outfits makes you feel so put together.

Why did you choose the fabric? 
It made sense as a solution for everything I wanted to achieve - smoothing the skin, not digging in, supportive yet super-soft, and stretchy so it moulds to you and creates ultimate comfort. It's definitely a selfish collection from me because I didn't just want it, I needed it. 

There you have it! A little insight to the thought process behind our latest collection! Let us know on instagram what other collections you would love to read more on and keep up to date on next launches on @thisissefi 
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