It’s the most wonderful time of the year - with indulgent food, presents galore and decorations filling our homes. It’s also the most wasteful, with households producing 30% more waste every year. Follow our tips to reduce yours and do your bit this Christmas. 


The most resourceful way to wrap your gifts this Christmas is to reuse last year’s paper, ribbon and blank gift tags. 

If you weren’t thinking about saving your wrapping paper last year, you can opt for recycled paper this year. Tip: if you’re not sure if your paper is recycled, a good way of knowing is the scrunch test. If your paper can scrunch into a ball, it’s a higher likelihood of being recycled, but if it springs back or won’t scrunch properly, it’s most-likely the glitter, foil or plastic that is stopping it from doing so.

SEFI’S TOP TIP: A lot of presents you order online or in-store come with tissue paper in the boxes. Use this to help amplify your Christmas wrapping this year. 


It’s so easy to get carried away in the supermarkets, adding all the sweet-treats to your trolley and novelty festive foods. So how can you still impress your guests without overindulging? 

Plan your shop with a food diary. Break down your social interactions by guests, dietary requirements and time together - within a few hours there is only so much food your guests will eat, so even if you have overbought, don’t lay it all out at once in case it goes untouched, and you can save your unopened goods for your next social occasion. 

Food waste apps are fantastic if you are planning 1-1 friend time, dates or smaller get togethers. With so many incredible local restaurants and shops with leftover food each night, it’s a great solution to save on cooking time, washing up and the planet!  


From Christmas trees to your cinnamon-smelling candles, there is a lot that can be done around the home to have a more eco-friendly decor. 

Christmas Trees: Whilst real trees seem wasteful each year, they actually have a smaller carbon footprint than artificial trees. Try and source one locally to you, and make sure you are disposing of it responsibility. 

Christmas Lights: It’s time to go LED.  With so many batteries wasted each year, it’s best to go LED and put your lights on a timer to reduce electricity. 


Nature is your best source for Baubles, with cinnamon sticks, pine cones and wood offering incredible fragrance as well as lovely decorations. 

If you need something extra, try glass, organic cotton or try and make something - you never know what might happen! 

Candles: Most candles contain paraffin wax which is actually made from petroleum and therefore toxic for our environment and health! A lot of incredible brands are now making candles from soy or beeswax which are much more natural, less harmful and often biodegradable. 


Christmas is an incredible excuse to go a bit extra in your outfits. We love the beautiful fabrics such as velvet or disco, and combined with a bit of sparkle, there are some gorgeous pieces that recirculate at Christmas. The best thing about that is it’s often the same trends that reappear, meaning it’s easier than ever to reuse or buy something secondhand. Try apps like Vinted or Depop to look for some party-season pieces, or even stores like ‘The Outnet’ are offering second-hand services! 

Looking for something more stand-out? Try renting! There are so many incredible sites such as By Rotation or Hurr that give you access to top-tier designers and styles - the choice is endless.

Ultimately, Christmas is all about spending quality time with loved ones, and practising gratitude for what you already have. Remember to be present, enjoy every moment and have yourself a merry little Christmas. 

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