The crop top has made a major comeback and is hotter than ever. Whether you prefer the classic triangle crop, a sporty racerback, or an off-the-shoulder boho style, we've got you covered with the latest styles and fashion tips to rock your crop top with confidence. 


From pairing with high-waisted shorts for a flirty festival look to layering under an open blazer for a night out, the styling options are endless. Not to mention, crop tops are perfect for showing off the abs you worked so hard for. 


Leave those outdated fashion rules behind, grab your favourite crop top, and get ready to beat the heat in style. This summer is going to be all about the crop top, so jump on the trend before it's too late!

What Is a Crop Top?

A crop top is a shirt that exposes some part of the midriff. The hem stops above the waist, showing off your abs or belly button. Crop tops come in many styles - from sporty and casual to dressy and flashy.

Sporty Crop Tops

For an active lifestyle, a fitted athletic crop top is perfect. These breathable tops are designed for yoga, running or other exercise. Look for cropped tanks, tees and long sleeve tops made of moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester or nylon blends. Pair them with high-waisted leggings for a stylish gym outfit.

Casual Crop Tops

For everyday wear, a basic tee, tank or blouse that stops a couple of inches above your waist is ideal. Loose, flowy and boxy fits are relaxed and breezy. Tight, stretchy cropped camis also work great as a layering piece under jackets.

Dressy Crop Tops

Want to show a little midriff for a night out? Try a lace, mesh or chiffon crop top. Pair it with a high-waisted skirt or trousers for a flirty, feminine look.


Sequined, beaded or wrap crop tops are glamorous options for parties or clubs. For date night, a silky camisole crop top worn with skinny jeans or a mini skirt is a sultry choice.


With so many styles of crop tops available, you can bare your midriff for any occasion. Find the right level of coverage and pair your crop top with high-waisted bottoms for a stylish, confident look this summer. Stay within your comfort level, but don't be afraid to take a risk - you've got nothing to hide, so show off what you've got!

Different Types of Crop Tops This Summer

different types of crop tops


This summer, you have so many cute crop top options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular styles:

1. Racerback Crop Tops

These athletic-inspired tops are perfect for staying cool while being active. The racerback straps allow for maximum mobility and breathability. Pair a racerback crop top with leggings or joggers for working out or running errands.

2. Off-the-Shoulder Crop Tops

Show a little shoulder in an off-the-shoulder crop top. These romantic tops have straps that sit slightly off the shoulders, revealing your collarbone and shoulder area. They look great with high-waisted shorts or a midi skirt for a flirty summer date night look.

3. Long Sleeve Crop Tops

Don't let cooler summer nights stop you from wearing a crop top. A long sleeve crop top provides coverage for your arms while still showing off some midriff. Style a long sleeve crop top with cut-off denim shorts and sneakers for a laid-back summer festival outfit.

4. Tie-Front Crop Tops

The tie-front crop top is sweet and flattering, cinching at the front to create a bow shape. The bow detail provides an interesting focal point and the tie straps allow you to adjust coverage. A tie-front crop pairs well with a high-waisted flounce skirt or paper bag waist pants.


With so many cute and versatile options, you'll want to fill your closet with crop tops this summer. Show off your personal style and confidence in these figure-flattering tops.


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How to Style Crop Tops for Different Occasions

Crop tops are perfect for summer, but styling them for different occasions can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you rock your crop tops with confidence.

Casual Daytime

For running errands or a casual lunch date, pair a crop top with high-waisted shorts, jeans or a skirt. Add a lightweight jacket, flannel or kimono and casual sneakers or sandals. A long sleeve crop top is perfect for cooler summer days. Look for crop tops in soft, breathable fabrics like cotton or rayon.


Crop tops designed for athleisure or workout wear pair well with high-waisted leggings, joggers or sweatpants. Add a sports bra for extra support and comfort. Complete the look with sneakers and a baseball cap. Mesh, spandex and polyester fabrics will keep you cool during your workout.

Night Out

For a night on the town, style your crop top with a high-waisted midi skirt, dress pants or jeans. Add heels and minimal accessories like dainty jewellery and a clutch. A silk, lace or velvet crop top will give you a dressier look. A bralette or camisole underneath provides extra coverage so you can feel confident on the dance floor!

Beach or Pool

At the beach or pool, a crop top pairs perfectly with high-waisted swim bottoms, board shorts or a coverup skirt. Bring a lightweight kimono, duster or sarong for walking around. A cropped tank, camisole or bikini top in a bright tropical print will complete your beachy look.


With the right styling, crop tops can be worn almost anywhere this summer. Focus on balancing a cropped hem with high-waisted bottoms and adding layers for extra coverage. Most importantly, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident! Your personal style will shine through.

The Best Fabrics and Materials for Crop Tops

long sleeve crop tops

The best crop tops are made of breathable, comfortable fabrics that keep you feeling cool and confident all summer long.


Light, airy cotton is always a good choice for crop tops. Cotton is a natural fibre that absorbs moisture and keeps you feeling fresh. Cropped tank tops, t-shirts, and camisoles made of cotton or cotton blends are casual, comfortable options for everyday wear.


Rayon is a lightweight, drapey fabric made from wood pulp that’s perfect for flowy, feminine crop tops. Rayon crop tops, often in bright prints or soft pastels, are ideal for a boho chic look. Rayon does wrinkle easily, so keep that in mind.

Polyester and spandex blends

Stretchy, form-fitting fabrics like polyester and spandex are great for cropped sports bras, athletic tops and workout gear. These synthetic blends wick away sweat, move with your body and retain their shape. Look for nylon-spandex or polyester-spandex blends in cropped tops for yoga, running or other physical activity.


  • Jersey knit: Soft, stretchy and lightweight. Great for t-shirts, tanks and camis.
  • Performance blends: Moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabrics with spandex for movement. Perfect for exercise.
  • Mesh: Breathable mesh panels provide airflow and style. Ideal for athletic and sports crop tops.


A well-fitting crop top in a lightweight, breathable fabric is essential for staying comfortable and confident all summer long. Mix and match cropped pieces in cotton, rayon, polyester blends and more to create stylish looks for any occasion. The options are endless!

Finding Flattering Crop Tops for Your Body Type

Finding a flattering crop top for your body type is key to rocking this trendy style. Crop tops come in so many cuts, fabrics, and patterns these days, there’s one to suit every shape.

For athletic or rectangle shapes:

Opt for a crop top that adds curves. Look for styles that are fitted, ruched, or draped at the waist. Peplum or wrap crop tops are especially flattering. Athletic shapes often have strong shoulders, so choose a crop top with straps or sleeves to balance your shape. Racerback crop tops are sporty and stylish.

For hourglass shapes:

Lucky you, crop tops are made for hourglass figures! Nearly any crop top style will complement your shape. Focus on crop tops that highlight your waist like bandeau, off-the-shoulder or sweetheart necklines. Crop tops with an elastic or cinched hem will also accentuate your curves. Pair with high-waisted bottoms to fully show off your figure.

For round shapes:

A crop top with a V-neckline or vertical stripes is most flattering for round body types. Look for crop tops that are fitted but not too tight, in breathable fabrics like cotton. An A-line crop top that flares out at the hem will skim over curves in a flattering way. Pair your crop top with fitted bottoms like skinny jeans, pencil skirts or leggings. This creates balance and elongates your figure.

For pear shapes:

Draw attention upward with an eye-catching print or bright colour on top. Look for a crop top with wide straps, a boatneck or a high neckline to broaden your shoulders. A slightly loose, flowy crop top will also help balance out your figure. Pair with fitted bottoms and neutral colours on the bottom half. This helps create balance by making your top half the focal point.


With the right crop top for your shape, you’ll be ready to show a little skin this summer! Rock your crop top with confidence at the beach, festival or just enjoying a fun summer night out.


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Women’s Activewear Styles

Crop tops are a popular women's activewear style for summer. If you want to rock this look, here are some stylish and versatile options to try:

1. Sports bra crop tops

For high-intensity workouts, a sports bra crop top is ideal. These are basically sports bras with a cropped length, providing support and coverage for activities like running, spinning or kickboxing. Look for padded or moulded cups and wide, adjustable straps for maximum comfort and support.

2. Mesh crop tops

Light, breathable and moisture-wicking, mesh crop tops are great for activities like yoga or pilates. The mesh material is stretchy and allows for a full range of motion. Mesh crop tops typically have an open back and loose, flowy fit. Some also have built-in shelf bras for light support.

3. Tank crop tops

Basic racerback or scoop neck tank crop tops are versatile and can be dressed up or down. For workouts, look for tank crop tops made of performance fabrics like nylon or polyester blends that keep you cool and dry. Tank crop tops also come in cotton for casual wear - pair them with high-waisted shorts, skirts or pants.

4. Long sleeve crop tops

Don't let cooler weather stop you from rocking a crop top. Long sleeve crop tops provide coverage for your arms while still showing some midriff. Look for cropped sweatshirts, turtlenecks or thermal henleys made of cosy fabrics like fleece to keep you warm during outdoor activities or trips to the gym.


With so many styles of crop tops available, you can find options suitable for any activity. Mix and match colours, patterns and fabrics to create stylish workout looks or athleisure wear beyond the gym. Crop tops are a fun, flirty way to show off your shape and style this summer!


So there you have it, a complete guide to rocking crop tops this summer. Whether you prefer a classic fitted tank, an off-the-shoulder boho top or a mesh insert athletic crop, now you know how to style them for any occasion. The key is finding what you feel comfortable and confident in. Don't let any outdated fashion "rules" hold you back from expressing yourself. 


Summer is the perfect time to show a little skin and embrace the latest trends. Now get out there and strut your stuff in your favourite new crop top - you've got this! Own your style and make this a summer to remember. The sun is shining, the days are long, so soak it all in and enjoy wearing whatever makes you happy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is a crop top?


A crop top is a short and midriff-baring top, typically ending above the waistline, popular for its trendy look.


  1. Are there different types of crop tops available?


Yes, crop tops come in various styles, including sleeveless, short-sleeved, and long-sleeved variations, catering to different fashion preferences.


  1. What is a long sleeve crop top?


A long-sleeved crop top is a variation with extended sleeves, providing more coverage while still maintaining the cropped length, suitable for cooler weather or a stylish, layered look.


  1. Are there designed crop tops available in the market?


Absolutely, designed crop tops feature various patterns, prints, and embellishments, allowing for a diverse range of options to suit individual tastes and occasions.


  1. Can crop tops be part of athleisure wear or women's activewear?


Yes, crop tops have become popular in athleisure wear, offering comfort and style for workouts. They come in moisture-wicking fabrics, making them suitable for various fitness activities while keeping you fashionable.

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