Silhouette Stories: Alizey Husain

Tell us about yourself:

I'm 24, a recent university graduate. I initially got into fitness to lose weight and now it's a huge part of my life. I love training in the gym, playing tennis and going to f45. 

I love traveling and want to see the world, my favourite place i've visited is Jordan.

I have Pakistani background and am very passionate about creating a social impact for minorities and refugees. 

What makes you feel strong?

- Feeling confident in the way I look and loving myself even on days i feel less confident
- Lifting heavy in the gym
- Knowing my worth
- Empowering others

Three words that describe SEFI to you?:

- Confidence 
- Versatile
- Flattering

When do you feel most like yourself?

Surrounded with the people I love, doing something I love, being outdoors, some good hiphop & R&B playing.

How do you hype yourself up if you're having a bad day?

- Remind myself why I'm lucky - gratitude list
- Workout
- Spend time with my family and friends

What's something we don't know about you?

I've climbed Kilimanjaro and Mount Ben Nevis.

What's your ideal weekend?

Chilling, working out, seeing my friends, spending time with my family (probably too much time with my parents).

What's your favourite SEFI piece and why?

Everything midnight in Silhouette (especially the halter top and 5 inch shorts).

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