Forget 'Blue Monday', SEFI is shifting the narrative to 'New Monday'

You may remember that every year, the third Monday of January is marked as ‘Blue Monday’. Created for a marketing campaign, the day then stuck with people as one of the most depressing days of the year. However, for SEFI girls, we like to turn that on its head and use it to reframe our mind, inject some positivity into our lives and set ourselves up for a great year! 


What’s better than to start your week doing something you love? From going to the movies, trying that new restaurant or getting together with a friend and heading to your favourite workout class - having something in the diary will combat those blue feelings and give you something to look forward to this month!


Whilst black will always be incredibly timeless, Blue Monday is the day for lifting your spirits with some colour. Personally, we love our Midnight blue colourway for a pop of colour whilst still being incredibly versatile. 


Taking some time for you, to give yourself a pamper night, manifest those goals or just get an extra hour of sleep, Blue Monday is the perfect night to give yourself a little TLC. Personally, we’ll be getting our face masks on, loungewear at the ready and watching a good old fashioned rom-com. 


Considering it’s January, a vision board is a great way to manifest what you want to get out of the New Year, whilst having some fun whilst you do it! Get a big piece of paper, or load up Canva if you’re more of a digital whizz, and start thinking about the year ahead. Grab pictures, write down goals, ideas and even key words or colours that you feel represent 2023! Manifesting your year will help you bring those goals into reality. 

Ultimately, take the day to prioritise you, and what makes you feel good, and use it as an excuse to set yourself up mentally or physically for the year!

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